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Transweco-agency AB

Transweco agency is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transweco and is active in fuel trading since 1975. It has built a sustainable position in the Northwest European middle distillates market by offering physical supply of diesel, gasoil and heating oil delivered by barge across the Northwest European inland waterways. Licorne is actively involved in reducing carbon emissions by experimenting and offering marine biofuel blends to inland shipowners and operators. As trading and distribution company, Licorne is well capable of meeting customer needs in volatile fuel markets and offers tailor made solutions and a broad range of pricing and hedging formulas to manage price risks.

Transweco netherlands

Dalhuisen is a direct sales and retail company specialized in offering automotive and transportation fuels across the Netherlands. The company is a BP branded reseller and is wholly owned by Transweco. Dalhuisen supplies a broad range of customer sectors such as agriculture, transportation, construction, industrial, retail and garage workshops. Dalhuisen offers next to home based fuel deliveries also lubricants under the Castrol, BP and Traxx brands. With the Sneltank brand the company owns and operates an unmanned filling station network.

Transweco Worldwide

Gulf is a branded reseller of commercial fuels in the Netherlands and wholly owned and operated by Transweco and its subsidiaries. Gulf Nederland offers customers home based deliveries of road and off-road transportation fuels including lubricants and accommodates owners of retail stations with Gulf identity branding including product supply and marketing activities. Gulf Bunkering supplies the maritime cluster with various high-quality fuels and lubricants for oceangoing and inland vessels. The company owns an advanced double-hull barge fleet empowering 24 hours bunker services every day in all Dutch ports.

Transweco Sweden

ChangeXL was developed and is wholly owned by Transweco. It offers an improved fuel based on enzyme technology. ChangeXL is a cleaner solution for all types of engines, regardless of their sector or industry. It saves costs, improves performance and is better for the environment by reducing emissions. ChangeXL complies with all international fuel standards and ensures unprecedented performance and lowers emissions of CO2, NOx, root and particulate matter.

Transweco-agency AB
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